What to Wear at Royal Palms Resort

If you’re planning a trip to Arizona and get the privilege to stay at one of the best resorts in Phoenix, you’re probably wondering what to wear at the Royal Palms Resort. Being a local and having my handbags featured at their on site boutique, I spend a lot of time at the Royal Palms, so here are a few tips to make packing and planning a breeze.

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  1. Resort decor
  2. Getting there and checking in
  3. What to bring or plan to buy
  4. Packing list
  5. Dress code
  6. Activities
  7. Sharing your photos

Fun fact: multiple US Presidents have booked time at this desert sanctuary on their trips through Phoenix. 

To match your outfits with the Phoenix resort backdrop, know that Royal Palms has a Moroccan-desert vibe with plenty of palm trees, b
ougainvillea plants, succulents, cactus, and ornate tiled walkways that connect the various terra cotta buildings that make up the property. 

Royal Palms Resort Fashion

When you pull off Camelback Road onto the palm-tree-lined-cobble-stone-driveway, you’ll be instantly transported into enchanting-vacation-mode. The valet welcomes you near the gurgling water fountain, and a large teal-antique-wooden door, which emanates the very spirit of southwest architecture, greets you at the front entrance.

What to wear at Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix Arizona

The JETS Tie Maxi Dress from Anthropology in black cotton, with its intricate back, would be a great travel dress to arrive in. This dress is carefree and flowy and it could be matched with a jean jacket or scarf such as the Large Floral Print Scarf also from Anthropology to add a bit of warmth for those cold plane rides. This look is effortless, while also allowing you to arrive looking very polished. Pair it with a pair of flat espadrilles such as the black leather Saint Laurent ones and your favorite jewelry and you will be vacation-chic. 

Royal Palms Resort Accessories 
Royal Palms Resort Dress
Royal Palms Resort Shoes


    Definitely pack a hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen, the Arizona sun is bright and it beats down heavily, even in our winter months. Sunscreen and post-sun products are needed whether it is summer or winter in Phoenix.

    Speaking of visiting the Royal Palms during winter months means you should pack a light jacket, possibly in the range of a leather jacket, a jean jacket, or a hoodie. On really cold days, Phoenicians do pull out their boots, beanies and scarves, however mind you, that is more to make a fashion statement than to stay warm - our winters hover around 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit.


    • Hats
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Bathing suit
    • Flowy sundresses
    • Espadrilles
    • Flip flops
    • Work out clothes and running shoes
    • Empty water bottle 
    • Lounge clothes for time at the spa 
    • Dressier attire for nights at the bar and meals at T Cook’s


    While you can certainly come as you are, choose to integrate seamlessly with the decor by packing flowy sundresses, espadrille wedges, linen skirts with a basic tank, fitted joggers with a blousy top and stylish flats. Even something as simple as the classic white tee layered with gold necklaces, paired with your favorite jean shorts all work very well at this Royal Palms Resort during the day.

    Evenings and meals at the Royal Palms on site restaurant, T Cook’s, tends to lean toward slightly dressier attire. That being said, resort casual outfits will work in the evenings, so long as it errs on the side of finished and polished. 

    Royal Palms T Cooks Dress Code

    If you plan to take advantage of the fitness facilities or nearby trails, don't forget work out clothes. There are plenty of options for yoga, hiking and cardio classes that the Royal Palms Resort has available.

    Some of the best hiking trails are within minutes of this beautiful resort. You can easily hike up the nearby trails in a pair of Nike’s or your favorite running shoes - although if you have room in your suitcase for light hiking boots, it wouldn’t hurt. Personally, I hike the trails on Camelback Mountain and Piestewa Peak Mountain Preserve in my running shoes, and those shoes are more than enough support for getting up the nearby mountains. However, Arizona does host a plethora of amazing hiking trails, so you may want to scope out the All Trails app to gauge trail difficulties. Also, if you are able, pack an empty SWELL or Hydro Flask water bottle - you will be guzzling water whether working out or just lounging by the pool.

    Naturally, a trip to Royal Palms would not be complete without booking some time at the Alvadora Spa. This serene spa is run by Sara Huddleson, one of the kindest humans we know who treats her guests and staff with a very warm and joyful spirit. Sara features my Soul Carrier handbags in her spa boutique, along with our friend, Kristin’s, delicious-scented candle line Vim and Vigor and the gorgeous mala beads by our friends at Mala and Mantra. The Alvadora Spa retail area is a great place to pick up a treat for yourself, or a gift for a loved one. 

    Alvadora Spa Treatments

    The spa lobby is an indoor-outdoor setup. Delectable snacks and tea are offered next to lounge chairs that sit both indoors and out. Cozy seating areas next to palm trees and outdoor fire pits create a balmy-calm-atmosphere as you await your spa service. 

    And in between all your spa appointments, time by the pool is an absolute must. Camelback Mountain, one of the many gorgeous mountains that help turn Phoenix into a desert Valley, graces the backside of Royal Palms.

    Royal Palms Resort Pool

    There is a full service bar and cafe-style snacks out by the pool. The Royal Palms pool is relaxing and tranquil. Other resorts in the area are known for their wild pool parties with bumping music and dj’s - this is not the scene at Royal Palms Resort.

    We would love to see how you styled your outfits and what you wore to this charming resort, so please tag @SoulCarrier along with @RoyalPalmsHotel in your Instagram pictures at Royal Palms Resort. 

    I hope you have a fabulous trip and my tips helped make packing a bit easier.