Nothing brings us more joy than creative collaborations and aligning with other humans to bring a vision to fruition. There is a huge crew of people who have dedicated their energy to help build Soul Carrier, and our hearts burst with gratitude for every single one of them. Founder Jennifer Boonlorn is so proud to be aligned with partners who share her same sense of ethics and integrity. 

Who we align with, is just as important as Jennifer's initial vision! Our actions matter. Who we choose to partner with has impact. We stand for integrity, kindness, respect, and it is very important that our partners align with these values as well. So it is with tremendous pride and joy that we list these partners, the soul mates who help bring Soul Carrier to life.

Our handbag factory Style Manufacturers is known for their sustainable business practices and ethical culture. They have been granted multiple manufacturing awards and certifications, thus ensuring that your Soul Carrier handbag came together in a conscious, fair trade manner. Our leather tanneries LeFarc leather + Pan American have been awarded the Gold Rated Medal certification by the LWG Environmental Stewardship Audit. With this certification LeFarc is able to insure all customers that their leather skins are free of restricted substances, such as Chronmium VI, Phthalates, Formaldehydes, and Lead.

The rockstars behind our marketing and PR Chic Execs
The creative geniuses behind our collateral The Creative Clique
The branding gurus behind our logo The Family Vibe 
Our most recent photographers Cooper Collective Photographers
Our incredible spa trade show partners ISPA
Our book keepers
Our CPA 
Our Legal Counsel
Our Fulfillment Center
We are privileged and inspired to walk beside these partners as we continue to put Soul Carrier out into the world. Thank you to everyone above for leaving your soul prints all over our brand.