When the road map you borrowed doesn't snyc with your internal GPS.

I am super passionate about the concept of True North. I define True North as the set of values, moral pillars, visions, goals, or destination I am moving towards. Every time a request, decision, or fork in the road comes across my path, I ask myself, if I say “yes” or “no” to this particular request, or decision, will it bring me closer, or further away, from my true north? And in my moment of quiet-stillness, I find the clarity for how to respond.


For me, true north, your intuition, paying attention to your gut, responding authentically to what your heart wants, all of these concepts boil down, to living aligned with your soul - versus yielding to all the outside noise and chatter, that often pulls us off track, from where our soul ultimately wants to go.


Every single time I get off track it is because I fail to listen to the still, small, voice that is nudging me to move in one direction, while the rest of the world is encouraging me to move in a different direction.


When I veer off course, it usually is because I give more weight and value, to what others are encouraging me to do, versus listening to what my soul wants me to do.


I so often succumb to the trappings of what I like to call Shiny-Sparkly-Lights aka the “promises of grandeur” by third party vendors, agencies, consultants and mentors. With beautiful intentions, these parties present me with ideas, options, and strategies for how to move Soul Carrier forward. Sometimes the strategies deeply resonate, I move forward, and things synergistically fall into place. Other times, I dilute my intuition, because the thrill of collaboration and success, is so alluring and enticing, that I fail to pay attention to my gut’s check engine light warnings.


And then, after failing to listen to my gut, I find myself having to untangle myself from situations that went south, or whose ROI fell drastically flat from what was originally promised. I let myself swallow the “magic pill” which alluded to incredible success, only to later realize there is no “magic pill” that will catapult Soul Carrier to the next level of success! The “magic pill” is called hard work, hustle, vulnerability and courage. The moment I get starry-eyed, believing a third party has ALL the answers, power, or the Midas touch, to make my dreams a reality, is usually the moment I LOSE alignment with my own true north.


I don’t want to discount those that have gone ahead of me, nor do I want to undermine the wise counsel of those more experienced and seasoned than me. These souls have very sage insight, and that insight could very well be applicable to my business and brand. That being said, just because someone is more seasoned or experienced than me, doesn’t mean their experiences and strategies will be a perfect fit for where I want to take this brand.


I see it in so many situations where humans hand over their power, believing something outside of themselves will be the source of their happiness, joy, success, value or identity. We so often fall prey to the concept of “IF ONLY X___”, If only he loved me, if only she stayed, if only they gave me more time, if only they featured my business, If only I had more funding, etc. etc.


Other souls, vendors, mentors, consultants can help me build this brand, and yet in the end, I must be the one to drive this ship forward, and to be the architect of Soul Carrier’s destiny. People can assist, but the magic happens when I believe in myself enough to know I have the power to make Soul Carrier a success. And because Soul Carrier is my creation and brand, only I truly know where I ultimately want to take this brand, other people can lend me their road map, but I am the one that has to walk down the path and put one foot in front of the other and do the hard work.


Wisdom from other souls can be a wonderful-wonderful gift, however I have come to learn, that learning through osmosis doesn’t always work for me. For a lesson to truly be branded onto my soul, I have to walk through the fire, and be willing to let everything that isn’t true, or doesn’t serve me, burn away.


I also have to remind myself that I ALWAYS DO get back up! I always find my inner strength, and the tenacity to see my way through the fire, no matter how much it scorches, or how badly it burns. Therefore, I am not afraid of stumbling in exchange for a life well lived, and a life full of soulful insights that I derived on my own. So often outside sources want to dole out advice with the intention of preventing us from getting hurt. However, getting hurt, and experiencing pain is just the price we pay for being human. It’s the cost of admission for being a citizen on planet earth.


I write this, because I want to encourage all of you lovely souls to remember that YOU are the architect of your life, you are the driver of the bus, you get to make the decisions and choices. And ONLY YOU know what is best for you and your life. Your soul always has the answers for where you shall go next! Don’t fall prey to believing someone else’s road map is a better tool than your own internal GPS system.


If your gut is telling you something is off about a particular situation or decision, take the time to heed those warnings. If your intuition is nudging you in one direction, while outside counsel is urging you to lean on them, over listening to your own internal voice, take the time to reevaluate where you want to go, and if their counsel aligns with YOUR end goals and values.


Square every fork in the road, request, decision and choice up against your true north and ask yourself:  Will saying 1)yes, 2)no, or 3) not right now, move me closer, or further away, from my true north?” Clarity usually arises when you take the time to hear your soul speak.


Remember we all were gifted an internal GPS system, and the more we lean on it, the stronger it becomes at guiding us in the right direction. Also remember, that just because someone else lends you their road map, doesn’t mean it’s an accurate chart for getting you to WHERE you want to go! Alignment with your soul is more important than following someone else’s road map!


I leave you with this powerful quote by Glennon Doyle: “I understand now that no one else in the world knows what I should do. The experts don’t know, the ministers, the therapists, the magazines, the authors, my parents, my friends, they don’t know. Not even the folks who love me the most. Because no one has ever lived or will ever live this life I am attempting to live, with my gifts and challenges and past and people. Every life is an unprecedented experiment. This life is mine alone. So I have stopped asking people for directions to places they’ve never been. There is no map. We are all pioneers."

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