Soul Warrior, Find Your True North

To the young girl who is learning to navigate life...these are the words of wisdom I send back to you from the future:

Your true north will become an internal compass pointing you towards why you were put on this Earth. Dissect every request, every choice, every fork in the road and ask is this serving my greater purpose?

Square everything with your true north to find your soul’s answer.

Chase down the repercussions of your choices, be extremely mindful of your time, and be intentional with who you partner with. These life lessons will be some of your biggest struggles. And those same struggles will also be some of your greatest triumphs.

Realize that alignment OUTRANKS everything when making a choice.

Understand that taking ACTION is the only way to reach true glory.

Jumping onto the court of life and potentially scraping up your knee, will always be more rewarding, than keeping things neat, pretty and safe.

Place a huge red EDIT line through being “perfect”, “good,” or living up to other people’s standards. Being authentic and aligned with your soul is the standard you must set for yourself.

Recognize, you are not a mirror to how other people are behaving. You can learn from other people’s hiccups, but you are not responsible for how anyone else is acting. Nor, is anyone responsible for you except you! With over 7 billion people in the world, you will bump into some shady characters. And instead of getting hung up on WHY this is happening, or the “Karma” behind the reason, pick yourself up, walk straight through the fire, and become a stronger-wiser-more-empathetic person because of the mishap. You are BIGGER than anything that could ever happen to you.

Remember that being human means experiencing all of the human EMOTIONS - the moments of sheer bliss, as well as the moments of agonizing devastation, are all part of the journey. None of these emotions define you, they are merely passing through you, and they are a barometer to what is actually going on in life. By looking for your true north, you will learn to observe them, instead of identifying with them.

You don’t need a reason. Trusting your intuition is enough.

You are ENOUGH. People may not always approve, like, or be available to be your support system. That is more than okay. Your worth cannot be nourished via other people’s approval or support. Your value cannot be derived from how other people perceive you.

Your value originates from the fact that you exist. God wanted you alive at this particular moment in time, and that is where your unique specialness begins and ends.

Aim to radiate grace, for others, and towards yourself.

Acknowledge that we are all in this together, make kindness the baseline.

Come from and stand in love. Your true north is love.

Make your legacy to be a soul warrior, to be someone who had tenacity, resilience, and grit. Someone who showed up and dared to walk through the fire no matter how many times the flames flared up. Someone who left an impact for having shown up and made the effort.

Here is to the splendor of being ALIVE and owning how rare it is to even exist.

Go forth Soul Warrior and find your true north. LIVE!


With all my soul,

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