How to Make the Right Decision

We often use light to represent our soul. If you ask me, it’s a beautiful symbol. It’s difficult to describe such an intangible yet powerful part of us we know is there. Just like a candle flame that brightens your surroundings with a glowing aura, your soul does the same for your body. Reflecting upon this inner flame, we need to ignite our souls to truly live the lives we’re meant to. How do you find what lights up your life? Using this question as a guide can help answer how to make the right decision in any circumstance.

Start by focusing on your intuition. It’s easier than you think. When you trust your intuition that instant “gut reaction” is your soul guiding you towards what you ought to follow through on. The gut reactions that make you want to recoil, are your soul’s way of telling you to proceed with caution and move away from that particular situation, decision or person.

Practice the behaviors above. The more you do, the more you will build your “soul muscle.” The stronger your “soul muscle” becomes, the more clearly you will be able to zero in on what absolutely lights you up. You will simply know when a situation lights you up or does not light you up. Your whole body will shake with a “YES!!!” or “ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!” type of answer and response. I want to recognize there’s a difference between a gut reaction and a decision involving your brain. For me it’s the regret. When you trust in your soul, there’s no second guessing that decision; you will never regret what your intuition is telling you. 

Sometimes you end up taking the wrong job, or maybe you put your trust in the wrong person. If you're doubting what your soul is telling you, then you’re out of alignment. Perhaps your intuition leads you to unexpected consequences, but if your soul is in alignment, it doesn’t make wrong or bad decisions. Look at it this way. Negative, unwanted outcomes happen all the time, but if you have no regrets as to how you got to them, it means you used your soul, not your mind.

Remember that what lights you up may not light up another person, and that is the beauty of being alive. Your light doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s light. It simply needs to bring you divine bliss and be aligned with your own intuition and soul. Once you’re able to recognize this something else wonderful happens. It becomes easier to tune out the distractions of the world. Others can try, but nobody can take your light away from you unless you let them. You shouldn’t let others try to steal your light either. Implement your soul muscle in these situations. Be wary of those who try to take you out of alignment and therefore try to steal your light. Sadly there are many out there who think stealing your light is some sort of a way to light their own. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

When you beam out your own personal light others will be inspired to do the same. The world needs more people aligned with their own individual soul. That is the origination of your light. There’s a quote by author, theologian and civil rights activist Howard Thurman that reads, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. The world needs people who have come alive.” What comes to my mind is that many confuse their title, riches and status for their personal light. Picasso didn’t become a painter because the world needed artists. Albert Einstein didn’t become the “Father of Modern Physics” because he wanted the fame. Remember that you show others your light within your actions, not the things you’ve acquired. If you get caught up with the items that extend beyond your light, it’s time to refocus your alignment.

It’s not always easy to locate this light either. My advice is to take the time for yourself to be quiet and still, so that you can hear your own voice and soul. With all the “noise” in the world it is easy to get pulled off course and be pushed onto someone else’s path that is not your own path. When you take the time for yourself to meditate, pray, journal, do yoga, run, or do something creative and artistic, you tap into that inner spirit that allows you to hear your own voice and tap into your own light. Give yourself that gift. There is no greater gift than tapping into your soul’s own light and then beaming it back out into the world. 

With all my soul,

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