-10” W x 5.5” D x 6.5 H - Stap is 42” long before being attached.

-42” Detachable strap with side Metal D Rings

-Microsuede Liner

-Inner Pocket With Zipper Closure

-The Carla Joyce has either Gray leather handles with Cloud white leather whip stitching or -Cloud White leather handles with Gray leather whip stitching

-Gold Zipper Closure

-Leather Piping Accents (Gray on the Cloud White bag) and (Cloud White on the Gray bag)

-Gold Foil Soul Carrier Logo

 *Design and Materials: Our handbags are created out of natural cowhide. No two cowhides are exactly alike. Each cowhide is sourced from a separate cow, and thus, will have slight variations in its appearance. During production, we strive really hard to source leather that looks exactly like the leather in our photography, however, there is always the chance our finished product may have slight variations in its leather composure – we consider this a design asset as it makes each of our bags unique. The silhouette and design features of each bag, will of course, be the same as what appears in our photography.