MASK Disclaimer:  Our face masks are not intended as a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment, nor for use as an effective means in reducing the spread of any disease or virus such as COVID19.  We recommend following CDC guidelines.  Please consult a health care provider for recommendations and best-use practices regarding the use of face masks.

Handbag Design and Materials: Our handbags are created out of natural cowhide. No two cowhides are exactly alike. Each cowhide is sourced from a separate cow, and thus, will have slight variations in its appearance. During production, we strive really hard to source leather that looks exactly like the leather in our photography, however, there is always the chance our finished product may have slight variations in its leather composure – we consider this a design asset as it makes each of our bags unique. The silhouette, sizing, and design features of each bag, will of course, be the same as what appears in our photography.