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Your soul is your authentic inner core. It's your unique and true identity and the foundation for the print you leave on this world. Soul Carrier hopes to design products that inspire people to find the things that make them come alive and put their soul in alignment. It lights us up to create products that will be a part of someone's journey.

Our Creative Director

Jenn - Soul Carrier's Creative Director

Jenn's Manifesto

I was created to create. And this desire to create and design has trumped any other mission in life. Soul Carrier, therefore, is the derivative of me wanting to share this part of my creative soul.
I view my life as one gigantic “Pinterest” board. My life has been full of many pin-able moments, and even when some of those moments have been rough, they have shaped and inspired me for the better.
I lost both my parents in a car accident in college. And I was determined to go to law school to fulfill my father’s dream of me being a lawyer. But my love of design and fashion kept coming back to me. So I set aside law school, to apply to Parsons the New School for Design, after graduating from Arizona State University with a business degree.
 Attending Parsons was pure magic. As was working in New York City’s fashion industry. I returned home to Phoenix when my niece was born and I collaborated on several innovative art and design projects with my creative friends in Arizona. And, thus out of all these events, Soul Carrier was born.
My soul gives thanks to all those who have helped me arrive to where I am today. It has been a long journey and I could not have done it without the amazing soul-mates in my life. So here is to creativity + design + art. Carry forward and spread some of your own soul…
~ Jenn 

Soul Carrier Story from Soul Carrier on Vimeo.

Soul Carrier on Vimeo.