My Fairy Tale Ending: Finding Peace In All Situations

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on October 30 2013

We are working on a Soul Carrier web series and my friend Brock Baker, a pop singer in LA is letting us use his song “Fairytale Ending” for the trailer. A gigantic thank you BROCK! Our entire team has your song on repeat. LOVE IT!

Sarah Boumis – my Soul Carrier rock, and the master strategist behind whipping this brand into shape – always talks about how running a business can be bliss. Life isn’t hard once you let go of: 1) attachment to outcome and 2) the need to find value and definition in anyone or anything other than yourself.
And after listening to the song she added that fairy tale endings really do happen! They are happening right now for us! It is a dream come true to see Soul Carrier evolving in the manner that it is. And being in alignment with what I was ultimately meant to do, is one of the greatest fairy tales I could ever experience.

People may mock the idea of a “fairy-tale ending”. No life isn’t a saccharine-coated ride through Disneyland, however after doing a lot of soul work – I now get what a “fairy tale ending” or rather, what I like to call “peace” feels like.

My ultimate goal with all situations, projects, relationships and friendships is to come to a place of absolute peace. When the outcome is peace, I can be excited for life to unfold in any which manner, and I can trust that whatever is happening is all part of the journey.

Resisting change when things start to move in a direction I had not hoped or planned for, won’t get me anywhere. Sure, life, a relationship, friendship, or even a job may have been tumbling towards one direction, and then one day you wake up and find that is no longer the case. However, trying so desperately to control against the outcome you most fear, will only end up manifesting that very feared situation.

Being attached to a specific outcome: such as getting married at a certain age, obtaining job X in order to consume materialistic goods XYZ, or simply following life according to some pre-conceived formula, will never bring me any true-lasting-happiness. However if my only attachment is to find peace in all situations, I can guarantee a closer state of bliss.

Being rigidly cemented to one particular way is anything but a fairy tale – in fact it is the exact opposite – it is a horrible nightmare when you are clinging on for dear life.

Just because life unfolded in a certain way for one person, doesn’t mean that is how my journey is going to evolve. The richness of life is that we all have our own journeys and no two souls are the same. So getting stuck on trying to replicate anyone’s life other than your own, is a recipe for heartache and disappointment. Be yourself everyone else is taken!

Furthermore, just because something happened one way in the past, doesn’t mean it will continue forever and always like that into the future. People change, seasons change, and life never stops marching forward. Now, I recognize how important it is to be present, because this very stage, this very moment in time, this very season, shall pass and never be again.

I found that when I am truly present, I am okay to let go of the past -- I soaked up its very vibrancy and I am ready for the next stage.

Can you truly trust the present moment versus resisting the change? Can you let go and let life evolve and change? Can you be present, so you don’t miss this moment and then long to get it back once it is forever gone?

When you do – you will know what my version of a Fairy Tale Ending feels like. It feels like peace.

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