What is your WHY!?

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on October 17 2013

People often ask what brand I want to become like. They ask if I want to be the next Kate Spade or what the likely hood of becoming the next Tory Burch is. The funny thing is, that I never set out to be the next Tory Burch or Kate Spade. I want to be the highest-most true version of Soul Carrier and of myself! I am not doing this because fashion is a hot topic or the ticket to becoming famous, as so many reality shows would have you believe. None of that is my "WHY".

And at the end of the day I firmly believe that the "Why" and intention behind any action is the most important reason for doing something. I have loved creativity, design and fashion since I was a little girl. Nothing lights me up more than sitting at my sewing machine, watching the neon-colored thread pierce pieces of leather as Avicii blasts, and I see the concepts I had in my head come to life in three dimensional form, and then taking those "three dimensional forms" and collaborating with other people to bring my designs to market. It is a thrill and a rush that is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced. That is my "Why" -- bringing ideas, concepts, visions and dreams into this world in three dimensional form.

And now as I assemble a team of rock-stars to help me bring this dream to fruition, I realize how important my "WHY" really is. No one is going to believe in my project, in Soul Carrier, or in me, if I don't believe in it myself. It hasn't been easy. I had to do a lot of soul work.  I had to peel back a lot of layers in order to get to the place where I could create freely and really pursue this dream of mine. In the beginning, it was a lot easier to be whatever else wanted me to be, but I don't want to be what every one else wants me to be - I want to be genuine and authentic to who I really am!

I had to learn to trust myself, my intuition and to believe in this project when the rest of the world didn't get what I was trying to do. It was grueling, it was painful and the white noise was suffocating at times. But now the pay off is magical and brings tears of joy to me on a daily basis.

My heart literally swells with my pride over the team of people working on Soul Carrier. I woke up to a Basecamp email from my friend Flo who is helping re-code the back-end of our website. The email was thanking Sarah and I for really pushing him -- the tasks we have requested of him have required some pretty intense coding, and just when he thinks he is done, we push for more -- probably a lot more ;-)) And he always sweetly obliges. You got this Flo ;-))))

And then tonight watching Sarah conduct the intern meeting -- going over the creed I had written for Soul Carrier, our over-all vision, and the team guidelines we have based on the book "The Four Agreements", had me in sheer delight. A concept that I had loosely formed through an art project is all of a sudden starting to really take shape and turn into an ever growing company.

Seeing the interns faces light up and hearing their thoughts and comments made me realize how REAL Soul Carrier has become.

I absolutely adore all my interns. I feel like their older sister -- listening to their stories about Frat parties, boyfriends, girlfriends and the crazy escapades only 20 year olds could get into had me laughing and loving these kids as if they were family. Their belief in Soul Carrier, their dedication and talent, and their commitment to pouring their all into the various projects we have them on, makes me feel so amazed and grateful.

We are really doing this, and things are really starting to take shape! Tomorrow we begin filming our web series, and start to story-board other future projects. Looking through the film student's portfolios and watching their videos, also made me realize that I am sitting among pure greatness. Without a doubt, these kids will be future Academy Award winners, future leaders, and future innovators and thinkers. We have nothing to worry about if this is what the next generation is bringing to the table. And the more I work with these interns, the more I want to encourage and inspire them to find what their passion is and then to follow it with all their heart.

Soul Carrier may be a fashion company that designs handbags but my greater message is about having the courage to be who you were born to be.  And the more we get this off the ground, the more I want to spread this message.

It might not have been what everyone wanted or expected from me. But it is my dance to dance, my way to find...and that is what I want for everyone, to have the confidence to dance their own DANCE!!!!!

Find your "WHY" and then go out and DO IT! Life is too short not to. Don't live for anyone's approval - live for what makes you want to come alive and DANCE.

To Finding Your WHY,


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