Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on October 10 2013

Celebrity obsession has never been my thing - I don't watch E-news or read the tabloids. But then I realized, although I may not be idolizing over Tinseltown, I do put people on pedestals. And then when I realize their human element it sometimes shockingly disappoints me. But the only one I should be disappointed with, is myself -- I put them up there in the first place. I was the one that EXPECTED something I should NOT have expected. I was the one that assumed perfection. I want to move away from this mentality!

I have had absolutely-incredible people grace my life --  their mere existence lights me up. I have had people suck me dry and lead me to view them as "emotional vampires" and "light thieves". And today, I realized the imbalance of pedestal power I have brought upon myself. I put people on a pedestal at the detriment of not thinking I am enough. I have knocked a few people off the pedestal in order to make myself feel better, and I have let others crawl up there that shouldn't have even been let in the arena. We are all equals, and comparing, analyzing and judging someone's life up against your own life, is wasting time, time that you could actually be out there LIVING.

To No More Pedestals:

I have to take you off the pedestal.
The pedestal I have had you on for a very long time.
You are amazing. But this is no longer amazing for me.
I have to let go of this way of living. I have to detach from the stories my mind loves to create.
I need to listen to my inner voice.
I need to lead with an open heart.
I need to tune out the annoying white noise in my head.
Noise that I have let condition me for far too long. 
It has been quite the journey. You have taught me much. But I have taught myself more.
I let you set the standard. But you are no longer going to be the standard.
I saw you as perfection. You are human.
You found your path a long time ago. But I held on.
The memories are sweet. But this present moment will be sweeter when I take away the pedestal.
This moment I choose me. This moment I choose peace. This moment I choose to trust the authentic journey I am on. I am open to whatever life has in store for me. But I am no longer open to pedestal worshiping.

To figuring out this so called life,

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