Seven Lessons Learned. Seven Goals To Be Achieved.

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on August 13 2013

The Soul Carrier logo has seven separate squares that make up the right portion of the heart. Ryan Sandler at The Family Vibe was inspired by sacred geometry, and he used this as one of the elements when designing my logo. When looking at the logo the other day, I was inspired by the number seven. I thought about seven things I have learned this past year, and then seven goals I want to achieve in the upcoming year. Saturday is my birthday. It marks the end of a very eventful year, and one that is on the edge of being even more eventful. Here are seven lessons my soul learned from the past year, and seven lessons I hope to achieve and work through in the following year...

 Seven Lessons Learned:

  • Don't assume. Don't listen to gossip. It feeds your brain a toxic story that is not always based in reality or the absolute truth. Unnecessary heartache is caused by listening to the black noise. Several beautiful opportunities and relationships would have been cut short if I had continued in my assuming.
  • No more pedestals.  No more elevating one person at the expense of thinking I don't have as much to bring to the table. Nor devaluing another person to pull myself up. We are all unparalleled souls.  We all have unique talents, aptitudes and things to the bring to the table. My self worth is NOT grounded in accomplishments, looks, money or the fleeting materialism of this passing world. Everyone's journey is 100% theirs, comparing only leads to MIGRAINES and a depleting sense of self!
  • The answers I need are pre-wired into my soul - it's called intuition!
  • Don't seek validation. Go after projects, goals, and relationships because they bring me joy NOT the approving nod of others.
  • Saying "No" frees up space to say YES. Time is a finite resource. Don't squander it on situations you don't want to be in -- allow yourself the freedom to have space to be in situations YOU DO want to be in!
  • Being authentic is more important than keeping the peace.
  • I had to get my head, heart and soul in alignment before anything in my life would flow fluidly.

 Seven Goals

Next year I hope to be closer to these seven:


  1. The strength to say No with conviction + grace. 
  2. Freeing myself from the fear of opinions + judgement. The world won't stop judging, but I don't have to be a slave to it.
  3. ONLY Aligning with projects, situations and people that inspire, refuel and make me want to be a better person.
  4. Realizing I am ONLY responsible for me + my reactions.
  5. I can own my story, but I do not have any control of the characters that appear in some of the chapters.
  6. Strive for greatness, but let go of attachment to outcome. My imagination is limited compared to what God has in store.
  7. Shine Light. But never at the expense of burning out.




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