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Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on June 25 2013

Last fall I remember sitting at my kitchen counter with one of my favorite girls to turn to for business advise, my awesome friend Jyll Harthun, who is a career advisor at the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU. I was expressing frustration over not knowing what to do with Soul Carrier and getting tired of being scared to take chances because of the all the "I told you so..." comments, aka what I always call the "white noise". Jyll turns to me and says you need an awesome quote about failing, about going out there and really scraping up your knee but then learning from it and getting back up. I went on Pinterest later that day and I found this really cool manifesto pinned by my friend Jeanette LaBlanc of the awesome blog Peace.Love.Free.

This was the quote. It was a manifesto that Jeanette had written. It was from her personal journal entries to herself and everything she would have told her 20 year old self looking back at her life. I loved it so much I bought the print and it hangs on my wall as a constant reminder of how I want to live my life. Jeanette and I are part of a group we jokingly call "The Power Table" a group of creative-driven-entrepreneurs who meet at Jam Scottsdale 

the adorable boutique housed inside a 1913 house, every so often to brainstorm, talk, share and bring to light new ideas and ways of enhancing our businesses. Jeanette has an e-book regarding how to write a manifesto and she shared it with us. I was in the process of writing a Soul Carrier manifesto, and what I wrote is up on my website. But after meeting with Jyll and reading Jeanette's manifesto I wrote this creed. Funny, because I did not even look at this creed which I had written in October, while writing my current Soul Carrier manifesto, but I guess what is inside my head once again came to the surface while writing the Soul Carrier manifesto -- because they are pretty similar!!! ;-)

But I like this creed, so I thought I would share again

October 2012 Promise to Myself:

I promise to listen to my intuition over the white noise

I promise to take chances, take risks and go to that scary-uncomfortable place in order to make my dreams come true

I promise to strive for grace over perfection

I promise to allow myself the grace to make mistakes, mess up and go out on a limb and “REALLY SCRAPE up my knee” – to me TRYING is more important than never messing up or taking risks

I promise to respect and tolerate those that I disagree with

I will also hold them to a place of grace versus perfection

However, I promise to not let their opinions paralyze or stifle me from moving forward with my own life

Nor will I let my boundaries be crossed at the expense of my own sanity and soul's alignment

I promise to only be responsible for my actions and behavior, everyone else is responsible for theirs!

I promise to operate from a place deep within my soul and not a place of judgment or fear

I promise to use my voice and not be afraid of people disagreeing or judging me

I promise to operate from a place of passion and a desire to create, design and make art versus looking at instant results and immediate fruition

I promise to lay a solid foundation versus seeking fame and attention

I promise to shed light & shine, but never at the expense of burning out

I promise to not let others opinions cloud how I feel about myself

I promise to be present – regrets keep me in the past and longing & always wanting for what I don’t have, keeps me living in a future state that may never come to be!

I promise to enjoy the journey. For this very stage, moment and time shall pass and never be again! I will not always long for the next stage at the expense of missing the present one!

I promise to not validate, justify or make excuses for pursuing my dreams, listening to my heart or following the path that I am on.

I promise to not compare or judge where my friends are in life compared to where I am at. Judging and comparing will only drain my energy and keep me from focusing at the tasks that are ahead of me.

 I promise to always strive to be in the ultimate alignment of my soul

I promise to be the only person that I can be Jennifer Paige Boonlorn.


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