Trust + Move Forward Towards Your Goals

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on June 20 2013

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a house that was architecturally cool enough to be featured in the design section of the newspaper. Well, tomorrow the Arizona Republic is interviewing me regarding the rehab Bob Wilkinson and I did to my Al Beadle condo. It's been an amazing project, and working with Bob is always creative bliss -- even if it is taking him three years to build me my 1000 vintage key disco ball chandelier. I love giving him a hard time about that! But he is cramming like crazy to get it finished before they shoot the house and run the article in a few weeks.

Through out the whole project I would try and rush Bob or ask him if I could move into the condo while we were mid-remodel. He would patiently explain to me why that wasn't a wise idea. I had to let go and trust. So off I went to my very "urban" apartment down the street as he constructed the gallery I would soon live in.

The Beadle Box remodel taught me so much about design and about trusting my instincts. There was so much white noise in the beginning: "Jenn, why are you doing a major remodel!?" "Jenn are you sure it is wise to hire a friend to manage the project?" "Jenn, the market is still bad, maybe now is not the time to buy." It was frustrating but I let my instincts guide me versus the constant chatter of white noise clatter.  I knew, I trusted and I believed the key people involved, would not steer me wrong. My real estate agent Heather Maclean, is one of the best (in the world! seriously she was recently nominated as one of the top Reality Execs in the world!) and she knows the area I live in like the back of her hand. And I believed in what Bob could create. We had the same vision and we were committed to making it happen. Bob left the prestigious design-build firm Construction Zone to strike out on his own and create his own design build firm Worksite. I was his first Worksite client. And what he delivered was/is a master piece. The naysayers all of a sudden turned into the biggest fans showering us with praise when they saw what we had created.

Living in the complex that I do, led to meeting my neighbor David Zimmerman who owns the branding agency The Family Vibe which handled all of Soul Carrier's branding, photography and recent video. And that has lead to more synergistic projects and creativity. There was also white noise regarding the decision to work with David. But I let my inner voice trump all that. And I am so utterly pleased that I did. Branding and marketing is everything in fashion and how you show up "aesthetically" is extremely important! And David has help mold Soul Carrier to be exactly what I want it to be! Soul Carrier is officially a brand, and that is what I needed and more importantly WANTED.

And then there was the issue of trusting that it is me not New York City that can get this Soul Carrier project off the ground. For years I agonized over Phoenix vs. NYC. And last year, I really felt like I needed to be in New York again to make Soul Carrier work -- especially regarding production and manufacturing. But then I met Jane Spicer, who has become my INCREDIBLE mentor and the lady helping with production. Her company is Daphne's Headcovers and I am working with her seamstresses and the refugee women to sew up the bags.

Jane called me tonight to express a beautiful vision she had. She told me she envisions Bob taking the upstairs portion of her Daphne's headquarters and designing an incubator space. A "nesting place" where entrepreneurs can get their projects off the ground before flying on their own. Soul Carrier would be the first "incubee". She then followed up with the fact that she shared her vision with the editors of The Phoenix Business Journal and that to be expecting a phone call from them because they will be interviewing me regarding Soul Carrier and featuring it in the business journal! Gold falling from the sky! I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful for the warm and wonderful soul-mates in my life!

But it all comes down to trust. Trust in your dreams. Trust in your vision. Trust that you know better THAN ANYONE else what is BEST for you! Let's tune out society's white noise and focus on finding alignment. For when your soul is in alignment all is possible! And remember that just because your dreams and goals don't come to "fruition" immediately, doesn't mean you should stop trusting. You have to keep showing up and with patience it will all fall into place exactly the way it is meant to fall into place. "Wings" by Little Mix was part of the rotation at spin tonight...fitting!



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