The Fountainhead

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on June 13 2013

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand tells the story of Howard Roark a young architect who refuses to compromise his artistic vision and ideals in order to conform to society’s obsession with traditional architecture. The antagonist of Howard Roark is architect Peter Keating who seeks wealth over morals.


I grew up with my aunt telling me about going to Ayn Rand’s lectures in New York City in the ‘60s and being a part of her outer circle of artists and followers. She has signed copies of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, as well as dozen of newsletters that Ayn used to send out.


While backpacking through Berlin I read The Fountainhead and I became completely immersed in the story. Maybe it was being around all the super modern glass and steel structures that made up Berlin after trekking around Italy, Spain, and France and taking in mounds and mounds of antiquity.


 Howard Roark’s unwavering dedication to his vision and craft was very inspiring.


His commitment to what he believed in was greater than selling out, and the novel chronicles his struggle as society, not only, did not understand him, but also outright bashed and tried to destroy his career.


I have always been drawn to modern architecture in a more urban setting. Aesthetically, clean lines and minimalism make me feel at peace. McMansions on huge plots of land have never been my thing, and cookie-cutter-stucco suburbia ever so slightly scares me! But I understand that it works for many, and the beauty of this life is that everyone needs to find what truly puts their soul in alignment as no two souls will have the same journey.


As I mold Soul Carrier, as well as my own personal life, I look to role models who have stayed true to their path, who speak their truth and who are not afraid of being authentic even when society would rather they follow “traditionalism” versus doing what resonates with their soul.


I encourage all creatives to read The Fountained by Ayn Rand. Actually, I encourage everyone to check it out – it’s overriding message is very similar to what I want Soul Carrier to stand for.




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