Sooner or Later...sometimes much later...

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on June 03 2013

I went to spin class this morning and one of my favorite instructors played the song "Sooner or Later" by Mat Kearney. I remember standing on a train platform out in New Jersey (I know, gasp) waiting to catch a train back to Manhattan. I had my ipod on and the song "Sooner Or Later" was blasting as I confidently thought EVERYTHING was falling into place with Soul Carrier and my personal life. 

I had just met with a factory out in Newark that said they could make my bags, I had a dinner date later that night at a swank restaurant with a New Yorker I was crushing on hardcore, and I felt like I was on top of the world.

Well... the relationship never materialized and the factory turned out to not be a fit. I went through the summer of 2012 trying to figure out what do to with Soul Carrier, where I was going to move forward and where I was going to hold back. Amazing things would happen, and then they would fizzle. I was picked to be one of the Emerging Designers at WWD Magic in Las Vegas - but then I left the tradeshow with no orders and sheer exhaustion and disappointment. The executive producer of Gossip Girl had her assistant call me to say she LOVED my bags, invited me to come onto the set & watch them film, I did go and get to drool over Chace Crawford and "Chuck Bass" -- but nothing came about with Soul Carrier and the show.

I lingered on the idea of moving back to NYC, I felt like things happen in that magical city that don't happen in Phoenix. Where else can you go to brunch and meet the writer of Gossip Girl, or have contacts at all the major fashion houses and ties to a lot of the major players in the world of fashion due to graduating from Parsons? Yes, I wasn't 100% honest with myself -- I hoped by moving back to NYC I could make a certain relationship work, but I also was craving the culture and energy that only NYC brings.

Well, fast forward a year later and I am in a completely different place in my personal life and with Soul Carrier. I have gone through a re-branding, figured out production and I am starting to build an amazing team. My interns alone are rockstars let alone everyone else I have consulted, collaborated or worked with to bring this vision to fruition. It just goes to show not everything turns out the way you had hoped it would - it turns out better! I just have to stay true to my vision, my goals and learn to have the patience to let events unfold organically. For who knew production, re-branding, sourcing, would all happen in my hometown and not one of the fashion capitals of the world. 

Later today we are uploading all the photos from the Soul Carrier shoot and working on the video. It is all a dream -- but it didn't happen over night. It has been a journey...and honestly I am still on it. One step at a time on this path that is my purpose...

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