Giving Your Life To Your TRUE NORTH

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on January 03 2016


Cameron and I were musing about success and what it truly takes to build something lasting and sustainable. He said something that really stuck..."Jenn, if you ask most people what it took to build their businesses and brands they most like would say 'I gave my life! I dedicated everything to make this what it is'..."


People often ask me how I turned Soul Carrier into what it is today and I get a spark in my stomach and think "Oh my gosh! They think I am a success! They think I have "made it". From my point of view, Soul Carrier is still in its infancy and a teen-tiny start up with way more to strive for than to look back on. 


I am so grateful for what this brand has achieved, the press it has received, the souls who have poured their energy into helping me, and the people we have impacted a long the way. However, the road ahead is way longer, steeper, and difficult than the road that sits behind me. 


As my favorite dj writes in his song Trouble  "And I'm still not done, I'm only halfway there

I'm a million miles ahead of where I'm from But there's still another million miles to come..."


And sitting at the top of a new year with lots of goals, intentions and plans for 2016, I am super inspired by my conversation with Cameron. Cameron gave me a document from the Landmark Forum's Self Expression and Leadership program called "Being of Service". 


I LOVE how they define being of service: "Giving oneself over to a game or intention that is WORTHY of YOUR LIFE, your TIME, commitment, whatever one gives to participate....You didn't make up the intention you are surrendering to it; it started long before you came along and will live long after you. You are left present to the grace, and dignity and the privilege of being alive."


I am absolutely LIT up by creative collaborations, I feel most alive when working on product development, and nothing leaves me more present to grace than bringing Soul Carrier to life and serving my customers.


Yesterday when I walked into teres nail bar, I saw a customer, I did not know, carrying one of my bags, I got all giddy and went up to her and asked "Can I ask where you got your bag!?" Those interactions are priceless and bring me so much joy -- seeing my soul's imprint out in the world, being carried by someone that doesn't even know me. 


So as I step into 2016 I plan on giving myself over to a game and an intention that is worthy of my life -- an intention that was stirring long before I entered this earth and hopefully an intention that will leave a lasting imprint long after I am gone. 


I also am grounding myself in the concept that my worth and value have nothing to do with the success of Soul Carrier. They are rooted in the fact that I exist. God wanted me here on this planet and my worth begins, and ends, right there, in that fact. Nothing I do, or abstain from doing, can add value to my worth. 


I am smitten by this line, regarding worth, from the author Glennon Doyle Melton "When you were born, I put a piece of myself in you. Like an indestructible brilliant diamond, I placed me inside of you. That part of you - the very essence of you, in fact is me; it is Love, it is perfect, and it is untouchable. No one can take it, and you can't give it away. It is the deepest, truest part of you, that part that will someday return to me. You are love. You cannot be tarnished by anything you have done or by anything anyone has been done to you". 


However, because I do exist, and I am an indestructible-brilliant diamond, I have GIGANTIC intentions to give myself over to the game of lighting the world with conscious fashion, to design impeccable handbags for individuals living bold lives of possibility, accomplishment and contribution. 


This is my true north! What is yours? What will you give your life to? What will you dedicate your time, attention and energy to? What greater purpose is worthy of your life? What sacrifices will you make, and what opportunities will you forgo in order to bring something beautiful to the world!??


To the grace, dignity and privilege of being alive!





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