Soul Carrier Company Values and Culture

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on September 29 2015



We are here to serve our customers and in the process light the world with conscious fashion.

Soul Carrier's purpose is to deliver impeccable fashion accessories -- products that are well designed, durable, hand-crafted and a symbol of soulful alignment, purpose, and conscious intentions.

We are here to play a bigger game than how traditional fashion houses are run. Sustainability and a respect for every single STAKEHOLDER is how we will play. We have no desire to continue in the antiquated and broken decision making that the current fashion industry often embraces.

We show up fully, every single day, with integrity, courage, and a respect for the planet. We treat ourselves with compassion so that we can operate from a starting point of mindfulness, service and love for all mankind.

We adhere to a higher standard, and a pledge to not compromise or cut corners. We always do our best and work our hardest - with an awareness that working our hardest may change with states, seasons and energy levels. We pull on an inner zest, drive, and tenacity, to overcome whatever obstacle are placed in front of us, we use our creativity to problem solve and we don't let hiccups become permanent road blocks.

Honesty and communication are the cornerstone of all our relationships. Courage and vulnerability are the DNA of our brand. Gossip, berating others, and negative attitudes are toxic, and will not be tolerated.

We practice self-awareness and we are conscious of our intentions, the impact of our choices and the consequences of the behaviors we engage in. We take ownership of our mistakes and realize we are alway accountable + RESPONSIBLE for how we show up and we constantly check in with our why as we carry out our tasks and responsibilities.

Being in alignment, living with purpose, and walking in integrity are ALWAYS more important than being popular, right, or first. Instead of racing to be the best, we are racing to do what is best. We square every opportunity, invitation, and decision back up to our true north - consciously evaluating every choice with our greater intentions, goals and vision.

We ADORE essentialism - respecting that we have limited time, resources and energy to bring a project to life. We must practice "no" and healthy boundaries in order to get to our greater "Yes" of a vision brought to fruition. We appreciate that we have been granted a tremendous opportunity of being the conduits to bring Soul Carrier to the world - we must not squander it by getting distracted, off track, or pulled in a direction other than Soul Carrier's true north. We are THE stewards of our time, energy and financial resources and therefore we must practice balance and responsibility.

We are holistic in our decision making. Weighing the significance of our choices against the backdrop of all our stakeholders versus just the bottom line.

We practice gratitude and see the beauty in every situation that presents itself to us, even the set-backs have golden lessons that we can graciously grow from. Friction is the alchemy that pushes us forward and has us come out as gold. We have fun, we give back, we create in order to orchestrate positive impact and the leave the planet a better place than if Soul Carrier never existed.

Foundational Soul Carrier Values Recap

Integrity: We ground our actions in virtue, ethics and honesty.

Creative Competency: We bring creative problem solving to hiccups and set backs.

Effort: We SHOW UP and make the effort. There is no indifference, lack of care, or apathetic energy at Soul Carrier.

Humbleness: We continually learn, grow, and own our mistakes. We honor those that have gone ahead of us and respect their wisdom, while always filtering their advice for what works best for Soul Carrier. However, the "We know it all. We don't need to listen to anyone else's advice"/attitude will not be permitted.

Respect: We respect ourselves. We respect others. We respect each other's time and energy. We follow through on what we say we are going to do and we honor that everyone's time is a precious-LIMITED resource -- we do not idly squander or waste our own or other's time and then scream "emergency" when proper planning would have taken care of the situation in the first place.

Joie de vivre: We have fun and we figure it out! It's not what happens to us, but how we handle it that matters. And we handle things with laughter, grace and a willingness to never quit. We aim to find joy in whatever is presented to us.


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