Work as love made visible: the blending of work and play!

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on August 12 2015

Birthdays always make me super reflective. I look back over the events of the past year and I start to map out what I want the upcoming year to look like. This past year has been super rich, and it has been heavy on Soul Carrier-ness, with few projects or committments that reside outside the realm of my business.

Kickstarter alone, is something that I will look back on with pride, nostalgia and extreme gratitude. I have never pushed myself so hard, I have never made myself commit to something with so much zest. I had to say "no" to a lot of social opportunities, I had to put my of love of "essentialism" to the test (essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown is currently one of my FAVORITE books). I had to prioritize, set goals, and then force myself to stay focused and not get distracted by anything that had the potential to pull me away from my true north.

Work/life balance concepts never resonated with me, because when you are living out your greater purpose and dream, there is no difference between "work" and "play". I am not one to compartmentalize -- it is not work in one arena and then playing, partying and social time in another arena.

I am not one that aches for the weekend, vacations, or even for the day to just be over! I LOVE what I am out to do, and I love it giving it my all, ALL THE TIME! Yes, there are days, especially on the heels of Kickstarter, that I longed for a few days to totally unplug and unwind, however, the grind is also part of the process, it is all part of life's journey to get us to where we want to go.

As Tony Hsieh says "At the end of the day it is all LIFE!"

And you know what else, never resonated with me, the line "No hard feelings, it's just business...!" For me, there should be no distinction between how I treat my personal contacts and how I am going to treat my business contacts.

Integrity, mindfullness, and a respect that we ARE ALL HUMANS and in this race together has to flow in both directions of my life - business and personal.

My friend Cameron sent me this quote after observing me at work in Leon during our product development trip.

"A person who is a master in the art of living makes little distinction between their work and their play, their labor and their leisure, their mind and their body, their education and their recreation, their love and their religion. They hardly know which is which, they simply pursue their vision of excellence and grace, whatever they do, leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing. To them they are always doing both."

I ADORE that quote ! And then I read this article by Brandon Peele on Purpose Driven Enterprises in Conscious Magazine and I was blown away by the three point recap of a Purpose Driven Enterprise:

  1. A business that is a bridge between one's soul and the world, rendering the words "work" and "retirement" meaningless. 
  2. A holistic, generative, and soul-centric enterprise - in relationship to all of hummanity, the unborn, and biodiversity. 
  3. A business that if not created, would make the life of the entrepreneur not worth living! 

This three point re-cap DEFINES my LOVE and passion for Soul Carrier 1,000,000%!!!!!

I am out to light the world with conscious fashion. I am out to find sustainable textiles that move away from animal resources. I am out to become a B corp, using Soul Carrier has a force for good. I am out to be a voice in regards to the Fashion Revolution #WhoMadeMyClothes. I am out to contribute to the children of Crisis Nursery. I am out to inspire everyone to shine from the exact place they are in life, illuminating the world from THEIR SOUL.

So, this coming year may mean a little less traditional "play" time, a few less nights out on the town, a few less hours ingesting foods and drinks that wear on my energy levels, AND more dedication, commitment, and a laser focus to what I am out to do.

I purchased a necklace from the My Intent with words "Light The Word" on a coin -- I play with the chain every time I start to get tempted to waste my time on activities that take me away from my greater possibilities.

Monday, the 17th, I ring in one more lap around the sun, while in Vegas, exhibiting Soul Carrier at Accessories The Show. I couldn't pick a better place to celebrate my birthday, not because Vegas is the epic center of celebrations and parties, BUT because I will be doing what I was born to do -- bringing Soul Carrier and it's message, to the world.

With love and gratitude for this amazing life I have been granted!


"Let your soul shine bright like diamonds in the night." -- Steve Aoki

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