Kickstarter: Vision To Frution

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on July 17 2015

We were up at Catalyst Week in March and Cameron nudged me to go talk to one of the newly arrived guests, DK, a social media exert from New Zealand.
DK whipped out his phone and sent me a Tim Ferris blog post about hacking Kickstarter. That article became the starting point for probably over 95% of our Kickstarter marketing strategy.
Cameron and I studied the Tim Ferris article to the point of ad nauseam, as well as a multitude of other Kickstarter campaigns. I probably can recite word for word other Kickstarter video campaigns!
Sitting where we are today, I can’t believe that our campaign will fund at 8:01am! It has taken so much time, energy and man power to get this Kickstarter off the ground, that part of me is in disbelief that it will be time to move on to the next project! Exhausted and hungering for a just a tad more sleep, I am a little sad to wrap up what has felt like a month long party with friends across the globe!
Kickstarter has re-connected me to people from my past, issued in new friendships and collaborations, and opened me up to the super cool world of crowd funding and the magical use of technology to market a product. Kickstarter forced me to fully embrace technology in a whole new way — Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Thunderclap, WhatsApp, email and text — I had multiple conversations across multiple platforms happening ALL within seconds of each other, all in service of making our campaign a success. It was a trip!
And in all actuality the trip is JUST beginning…
The Conscious Intentions collection of bags wouldn’t be coming to fruition without our backers belief in our project and their desire to sport our bags - so a mega dose of gratitude and appreciation to those backers.
I do not believe I have ever poured so much of my life’s energy into a project, or enjoyed the journey more! And what a journey it has been!
Each stage of the project was vigorous, we dived all in, worked like crazy, and then within 48 hours it was time to focus our time and attention on a completely different task.
This collection started to bubble to the surface back in December when I dragged Cameron Donnell with me to Leon, Mexico on my product development trip. We sat in three hour meetings choosing which was the right zipper for my bags, (all in Spanish), visited leather tanneries and worked with the various artisans to bring my designs to life.
January brought a photo-shoots with Ty Schmitt and David Zimmerman.
February, March and April were spent intensely writing a script so I could hand it off to Taylor Freeman, so she would have direction for the video. We had to nail the narrative and what story would be conveyed in the video.
We filmed, filmed, and re-filmed. And then I handed it off to Shane McElroy to gracefully edit it all.
Chris Tingom came in and made beautiful graphics for me and helped set up our campaign page.
And so many other people had their finger prints on this project. And I am eternally grateful to: all my film interns for their contribution to the video, to all the bloggers, editors, and journalists who wanted to feature our campaign, and to those who paved the way to get us those press connections.
I am not one to make a wish and hope it comes true. I believe in hard work, building an incredible team and going for something with all your heart. But I do believe that once you know you have poured your absolute best into a project, it is okay to then surrender and simply let the magic of that event happen.
So here is to magic. And to the magical community that came out to 1) build this campaign with me and then 2) support it by pledging and being a backer!
Thank you for coming with me on this journey. May your journey be just as magical as mine! Go out and illuminate the world from your soul!

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