Leaving Las Vegas

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on January 25 2015

Exiting Las Vegas triggers a host of memories. And as I strolled through the airport on my way home from Catalyst Week, a flood of recollections hit me.


There have been the beautiful moments. Like the time Kelly Daley tapped my shoulder as we wrapped up Paul Parent’s 21st birthday, and asked if I would like to hang out when we got back to Phoenix. That girl has become my very best friend and the namesake behind my signature bag.


That same 21st birthday trip also brought into my world Brian, Bob and Cameron. Guys that have had a gigantic impact on my life and the molding and even creation of Soul Carrier.


Then there were the moments here in Vegas that broke me open a bit. The MAGIC and POOL trade shows that delivered zero sales and made me feel like throwing in the towel with Soul Carrier. The trade shows that I spent lots of time and money on - building a really sick trade show booth and standing on my feet for 10 hours a day for three days and not having anyone be interested in the Soul Carrier product.


The trips up here where I found out the hot-international boy I was absolutely smitten with did not feel the same as me. This guy really rattled my core and his exit did a number on my soul. I remember scrambling with Bob to take down the awesome booth he had designed and built for me, and not being able to think clearly as I starred at the text that ended everything with the hot international boy.


I got back to the Cosmopolitan hotel exhausted and emotionally drained and just let the tears shake me until I passed out on the floor curled up in a ball. That ending led me to Marion Light - the incredible woman who holds space for me and lets me figure out all the crazy things that float through my world and my head. I went to Marion because I was having a hard time getting over the boy that broke my heart but she helped me peel back all the layers and emotions I had refused to deal with, regarding my parent’s accident. She was shocked that for an hour and a half I talked about this boy and in our last five minutes I casually mentioned the tragic accident that took my parent’s life.


For the next two years I would work with Marion to dig deep and find what put myself in alignment with my soul. Marion teases me “Jenn, you choose to call your company Soul Carrier. You are going to have to do the soul work before anything else will flow.” And my goodness, Marion you are right!


The journey inward had to happen before the journey outward could take off! And this week experiencing Catalyst Week, the Downtown Project and getting to hear people speak to the topics of meditation, mindfulness and living a conscious life further solidified the concept that my soul’s foundation had to be solid before my company could solidify.


Soo many phenomenal opportunities started materializing this week while in Vegas. I got the email that Harrods of London is very interested in Soul Carrier. Then after sharing my story and speaking, I had Amanda Slavin come up to me and tell me one of the head buyers at Zappos heard about what I am up to and wants to learn more. Media requests and online sales also started to catapult my way. Zappos! Harrods of London! Opportunities that make my spirit soar with gratefulness and bring tears to my eyes thinking about how many times I let the doubt, noise and lack of faith almost make me call it quits.


So as I strolled towards my gate at the airport - my phone blowing up with pictures of the leather Miguel was able to source for me this weekend, notifications of Soul Carrier purchases, and emails regarding media opportunities and people who want to introduce me to their very connected contacts, a rush of pride and joy washed over me.


None of this could have happened if I didn’t take the time to get my soul in alignment. None of this could have happened without doing the soul work. I had to go within. I had to peel back the layers. I had to face my fears. I had to trust my soul and my vision, above what the world, was throwing at me. I had to become one with my spirit and be genuine and authentic to that, and only that! I had to let go and surrender to what the divine had in store for me. I had to do a lot….and now that my soul’s dreams are coming to fruition on a scale that I could never have imagined I give thanks to all those who did belief in me, who encouraged me, who helped me grow, who pushed me forward even when I wanted to run backwards.


I challenge you to go within and find out what puts your soul in alignment. I encourage you to ask the questions that make you dig deep and pull to the surface your authentic self - the self that is one with your spirit and soul. NOT the SELF the world wants you to be, but the self that is who you truly-genuinely are! And then I URGE you to take action on your dreams and BE your authentic self. Don’t let it just be a someday wish-list - go out and make it happen!!!!!

To living from a place of soul, authenticity and consciousness!

Shine Bright My Fellow Souls.



PS. And to all those mentioned in this blog you truly mean everything to me. You are an integral part of my soul’s journey and part of the fabric of who I have become. Thank you for shining VIBRANTLY BRIGHT into my life. All my love!!!!!



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