My Soul's Goals And Resolutions For 2015

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on January 01 2015

My Soul's Goals and Resolutions:

Running every choice, possible opportunity and decision through my TRUE NORTH. Everything gets squared up to where I want to go, and if it is a distraction or pulls me away from my TRUE NORTH destination then I graciously say “No”.



Eliminating any sense of guilt over saying “No” to whatever no longer serves me or Soul Carrier. Understanding my worth and value do not come from pleasing, performing and saying “Yes” out of fear of disappointing those I have to say “No” to.


To give my time, energy and resources to the things that light up my soul and prioritizing when multiple demands are being asked of me AND not feeling bad that I get to CHOOSE where I want to place my time, energy and resources.


To realize I always have a choice in the matter and to take full ownership of my actions and behaviors.


To be conscientious of every choice I make and mindful of the possible consequences.


To be aware of my intentions.


To clean things up when I step out of alignment or when my actions lack integrity.


Letting go of the need to see justifce prevail over the injustices done to those around me. Divinity has something far greater at work. Understanding that karmic timing is not human timing. And friction is merely the alchemy that pushes us through the fire and makes us come out as gold.


Letting go of comparing my life’s journey to that of someone else. I am right where I am supposed to be. The lessons God wants me to learn are different and will be delivered at different time from the lessons and opportunities those around me are experiencing.


Itadakimasu: to humbly receive the amazing blessings bestowed up me, as well as the gut-wrenching-hard to swallow moments in life.


To be a voice to my own soul when the rest of the world is pushing me to move in a direction I am not comfortable with.


Committing to stand in the light even when darkness seems to pervade.


I aim to live 2015 with these intentions so that on December 31, 2015 I can look back and feel that this year was one where I was in alignment.


Where will your soul take you this year? Can you be true to your soul’s true north? Can you let go of performing, pleasing and saying “Yes” out of obligation? Will you choose to stand in the light even when the rest of the world lacks integrity?


To living our best year yet! To getting out there and playing bigger and better than we ever have.


Shine bright my fellow souls!



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