Choices. Consequences. Committing to stand in the light.

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on December 29 2014

Nothing makes my blood boil more than watching people refuse to take responsibility for their actions and behaviors - especially when those behaviors directly impact/harm other people. If you want to make my mouth drop to the floor in pure astonishment then live a life that lacks integrity and then act like it is everyone else’s fault for why you behaved the way you did.



Letting myself glance over the Facebook and Instagram newsfeed is often not the best thing for my soul! I am working really hard on not judging, not assuming, and not taking anything personally. BUT the human in me looks at various pictures or Instagram posts and my mind often goes to “WHAT THE  @#$%^&!!!!!???? They did not just post THAT without thinking there would be no repercussions to what that picture represents!!!!”


I am not talking about the half-naked selfies that are merely a cry for attention or the shots that are a postcard from Sodom and Gomorrah. Ridiculous, entertaining, but not that earth shattering.


The pictures that make me cringe are the ones that boldly make a statement and proclaim “F@#% whatever you think! This is me, and I am going to do whatever I WANT with no regards to how much pain and frustration I am causing those around me by doing this!” Those are the pictures that make my blood curl.


Human beings are free to lead any life they want. We all wake up and are free to make over a zillion choices everyday. BUT what we are not free to do is choose our consequences.


People seem to get very testy and defensive when you point out that their behavior is negatively effecting those around them. They want to be able to live the life they want, but they don’t seem to like facing the music when the consequences start to produce toxic effects. They seem to miss the fact that you can choose to do _____x, but they have no right to be mad or upset when other people start to pull back and recoil at the repercussions of THEIR actions and behaviors.


Katie Ho, one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, and someone who beams light, love and wisdom with every word that comes from her mouth, is often heard telling her daughters as they are on the verge of misbehaving: “You can choose your choices. But you don’t get to choose your consequences” — meaning her girls can choose to misbehave but they don’t get a say in how mom will reprimand them for their behavior.


Every single thing we do or DON’T do has a ripple effect. The effect may not be show up immediately - but it will show up at some point — and it often has a further reaching effect than we realize!


Kip Tindell, the chairman and CEO of The Container Store, talks about how “Each and every one of our employees is mindful of the power of their wake in all they do…how they support and develop their colleagues, how they work with a customer or a vendor, and how they contribute to the community. When you have an entire organization that is mindful of its wake, some pretty incredible things can happen.”


We cannot blindly go through life thinking that how we behave does not have a wake! We have be mindful that every single one of our actions is going to impact the lives of those around us - and the lives of those far removed from us.


We must become conscious to the fact that it is our responsibility to how we show up in life — we cannot blame someone else for behaving badly, we cannot have a 100 excuses for why we are being irresponsible. We must take ownership for our behaviors, actions and interactions.


When I recently pointed out the negative impact of Facebook picture post, I was told “Well you are no saint Jenn!! You are a bad person!” I just shook my head and realized I wasn't dealing with someone that was wiling to be mindful or conscious of their actions.


I never claimed to be a saint! Nor do I want to be one! I am human, just like everyone else! I am going to make mistakes, I already have made millions of them, and I will make millions more before I die!


However, with every choice I make, I try my best to think about the consequences of that choice. I try to ponder the impact that choice is going to have on the world around me. I aim to choose to stand in the light every chance I get. And when I do make mistakes I try my best to own them and then be responsible about cleaning them up!!!


I have always said I want Soul Carrier to be a company that inspires people to ask themselves “Where do you want to go? And do you have the courage to be authentic to the journey it takes to get there?”


And now I want my life to stand for making a commitment to stand in the light and to be conscious of every single choice and the possible consequences of those choices.


How will you CHOOSE to show up in 2015!? Will you be conscious of your choices? Will you be mindful of the possible consequences? Will you choose to stand in the light every single chance you get?


To shining bright. To choosing to be consciousness.

Happy New Year’s Everyone. Let’s show up brighter and play bigger than we ever have before!!!!




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