"I keep going to the river (labyrinth) to pray..."

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on September 27 2014

I went to the labyrinth early this morning to pray, meditate, and let go of things that were bothering me. The labyrinth behind the Franciscan Renewal Center in Paradise Valley is my favorite place to go and have quiet time. I love coming here and focusing on my goals and how I want to move forward with my life. 


Then I went to an EPIC spin class at Studio 360 One of my favorite spin teachers, Denise, played the song "Ghost" by Elle Henderson. I got chills - if my soul had a song right now - it would be this! Check out the song - it rocked my soul and is inspiring me in more ways than one! 

To praying my soul finds some balance in the crazy weeks ahead. To taking time to be still and figuring out what Jennifer Paige wants ;-) To letting go of all that has been "haunting me". To gearing up to rock out harder than Soul Carrier has ever rocked out before. 


What is your prayer this week? What "ghost" can you let go of? Can you ask yourself where you want to go instead of letting your past haunt you!?




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