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Posted on September 23 2014

Kindra Hall is one of my favorite people to run into. I could spend hours speaking with her regarding business concepts, entrepreneurship, and the restaurants we just frequented. However, our time is usually limited to five minutes in the parking lot post the 5:30am spin class that she teaches at Studio 360. 

But those five minutes are ever so rich with wisdom and sage advice. 

A few weeks ago I quickly brought Kindra up to speed on all the opportunities that were pouring into my life. I also expressed my concern at having to say "No" to certain opportunities, and the stress that came with wondering if I had made the right decision, or if I was cutting myself off from something truly spectacular.

Kindra shared her own experiences of saying "No" in order to stay focused and on task to achieving her greater goals. Then she said something that jolted me awake, "Jenn, you ARE THE BIG OPPORTUNITY! You are the one making Soul Carrier happen. Don't get off course just because someone presents an idea to you. Stay true to your goals, your vision, your priorities." 

Being a people pleaser and someone that wants to make all situations/opportunities/projects work- 100% of the time, even if it comes at the detriment of achieving my greater goals, has been a difficult lesson to master. 

I tend to put certain opportunities up on a pedestal. I tend to convince myself that others know more than me. And therefore they MUST BE correct and I better swallow whatever they have to say. And I absolutely better pursue whatever they are presenting me!

I become a little starry-eyed, thinking they will wave their magic wand of knowledge and whisk me and Soul Carrier into the enchanting world of success. I try not to operate from a place of entitlement, because I firmly believe hard work and my own effort, have to be the fabric of any project I pursue -- but sometimes I do over-value the concept that someone ELSE is going to be my "big opportunity."

And you know WHAT!? Every single time I do that, the universe seems to deliver a nice fat lesson for me to experience. LOL! Over and over, I am coming to realize that I HAVE to understand my own worth, my own value, and that what I bring to the table matters! Not to ever discount anyone else's worth or say that I know more than the next person -- but where I get off track is over valuing-someone else at the expense of devaluing myself. 

I get carried away thinking someone else is better than me and knows more than me and therefore MUST BE RIGHT. 

What Kindra splashed cold-water onto, was that instead of contorting myself in order to say "Yes" to every opportunity or project that gets thrown my way, and then beating myself up with guilt when I finally say "No" -- I need to stay true to my own soul. I need to stay true to the goals I had ALREADY set. I need to stay genuine to the priorities and tasks I had already set in motion. I am the one responsible for making my life work. I am the one accountable for choosing events, opportunities, situations that will help push me towards my greater goals. Others can help, guide, assist, but at the end of the day I am ultimately responsible for how my life unfolds. I can't push that off on anyone BUT myself!

I recently had the opportunity to send a "Kelly Beth" Soul Carrier bag to someone famous. In the process, my ego was EATING up the whole opportunity -- I became that starry-eyed little girl who thought this opportunity would possibly be my big "tipping point". I put this situation on a really tall pedestal. 

Well, fate had another lesson in mind for me! The bag never made it to the celebrity and the whole situation came slightly unraveled in a very strange way. However, there was a golden lesson for me to learn. 

The lesson came in the words of my awesome friend Kindra, "Jenn you are the big opportunity!" I need to stop scrambling all over myself to jump through the dream hoops of someone else. I need to stop feeling guilty when I say "No" to tantalizing opportunities and alluring projects. 

I need to learn that I am the one that is going to make things happen. I am the one that needs to believe in myself first and foremost. The rest of the world will only meet my own level of faith and belief in Soul Carrier, IF I have the un-wavering faith in it FIRST!

Yes, having a celebrity wear my bag would be INCREDIBLE and I would be tremendously honored!!! Hollywood could definitely fast-track my marketing and brand reach -- BUT the leading ladies in Hollywood are human, just like you and me. Celebrities may be more well known, but they are no more valuable than you and me! And our worth, as a human being, capable of making GIGANTIC opportunities happen, are just as great, as those that reside in Tinsel Town. Society places so much value on fame, popularity and those connected to the glamorous life -- and congratulations to those that have achieved those things - but those achievements do not make those people better, more worthy or more valuable than any other human being. 

Can you value yourself enough to realize you ARE THE BIG OPPORTUNITY!? Do you have enough faith in yourself to trust your own soul over what everyone else is  pushing you to do!? Do you realize your worth -- enough to be able to say "No" when it is not in your best interest!?

To Being the Big Opportunity In Your Own Life!

Thank you Kindra for shining bright and always shedding wisdom all over my sweaty-spinned-out brain :-) xooxox

PS. Kindra is a professional story-teller and she has a lot of amazing thing to share! Check her out: Kindra Hall Tells All -- you can also find her leading an epic spin class at



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