The House of Boonlorn: 100 Moving Parts: 100 Different Game Changers. 

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on September 04 2014

I recently watched a short documentary on Anna Wintour as well as on the House of Fendi. Both documentaries focused on how Anna Wintour and the House of Fendi were “game changers” in the world of fashion. 


Watching these documentaries came on the heels of being asked, by a friend I made while volunteering with Friends of Crisis Nursery, to be a speaker at the National Charity League’s Thanksgiving tea. 

The Anna Wintour and House Of Fendi documentaries inspired me to write the Thanksgiving tea speech centered around the concept of showing up in the world as a game changer and about living a life of contribution and impact.

Furthermore, the speech and documentaries have me thinking about the game changers in my own life. So many people have stepped up to the plate, opened doors and paved the way for me in regards to Soul Carrier. 

I am so touched, moved and inspired on an hourly basis by those that give me their all simply because they believe in me and have faith in what I am creating. My heart literally swells with appreciation and gratitude with every text, email and connection that leads to an outcome even greater than I could have ever imagined. 

What started as two creative friends rummaging around a Dollar Store looking for ideas for the mannequin they were going to turn into art, has now turned into a entity with multiple moving parts. Bob, you will always be one of my favorite people to collaborate with. And I look forward to many more creative projects and rounding out a few more things on the Beadle Box. 

My production team in Leon. An amazing translator and point person to manage that team in Leon — THANK YOU MIGUEL. A stellar channel distribution and marketing team in California - THANK YOU Andrea for connecting me with your amazing cousin - I look forward to the day I can afford to bring you on and let you manage the business side of Soul Carrier! 

My crew of interns who never cease to show up, give their all, and do it with a such an amazing attitude. Your sheer talent and hard work blows me away: Dreylon, Brandee, Ariana, Gabriella, Rachel, Riley, Tyler and Kacie! I want to make this HUGE so I can hire each and every one of you - or least open doors for you to go onto and fulfill your own dreams and passions. 

And there are soo many others who have impacted lately. 

Ashley - for always promoting me and having my back. Ash - you barely move two steps and you have ten people asking where you got your bag. I feel like I am “big sister” to so many people in my life - you are the one person I can look up to as my “big sister”. 

Jennyvi for opening New York Fashion week to me and always wanting to include and promote me!

To Kelly Lee for flying all the way to NYC to style all the models going down the runway. We are going to rule the city and I have a feeling the Manhattan dance scene is going to get a preview of your Buti yoga moves ;-) Thank you for being my personal hairstylist all this week - love the curls :-)))

To Flo for letting me continually hound you about tweaks to the website and whether a certain picture will work on the landing page. 

To Kindra Hall for helping me craft my “story” and nail the script we wrote for my Soul Carrier video. 

To aunt Carol for being one of my biggest supporters and never doubting I could pull off whatever I wanted out of life. Your tenacity, determination, and deep-deep care are very re-fueling. 

And there are so many others I am so-so-so deeply appreciative of. I hope that I can give back, contribute and impact those in my circle, the way all of you have impacted me. 

We barely have any control over what happens to us, but we absolutely have control on how we show up in the world and whether we are going to live life as a game changer on the court PLAYING BIG - or someone negatively judging in the stands playing very small. 

When my parents passed away, someone told me, you are Paisan and Joyce’s legacy, it is now time for you to carry on their greatness. “The House of Boonlorn” or rather Soul Carrier is steeped in their legacy. So many of my original opportunities came because of my parents and so much of how I conduct my life is due to how they raised me. I forever and always dedicate this amazing entity to them and their loving memory. 

To aiming to be a game changer. To wanting to impact lives. To wanting to play BIGGER than any circumstance or situation that life throws my way. 

How will you choose to show up in the world!? How will aim to live your life!?


Signing off from Magical New York City,

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