Jaime Leigh: my incredible sister. Jaime Leigh: the amazing woman behind one of my bags.

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on August 13 2014

Dearest little Ditter,
You were my first playmate. The one I would boss around and tell what to wear. 
Hours of planning and creating themed birthday parties and hours more of swimming and building forts. Prank phone calls with Erika and Rachael. Latin conventions. The movie scripts you wrote. Filming those scripts with all our friends. Kids for America, TEC,  Spanish, dance and art lessons. Our childhood was extremely rich --both in love and having to walk through the fire. 

And you are the one woman who has been at my side from almost day one. The one that poked at me and told me to undo my seat-belt as we hung upside down from dad's crashed SUV. The one that held my hand as we stood over our parent's bodies and gasped at the gravity of what had just happened. The one who has been my rock in every situation from that grave day forward. 

You are the definition of grace, of poise, of creativity and spunk. 
For all that life has thrown at you, you never cease to rise above it.
You play "BIGGER" when those around you play extremely "small"
You are kind. You are warm. You are grounded. You ARE strong. 
You know what you want, and you don't put up with ridiculous behavior. 

Blake and Ryker are your amazing derivatives, magnificent little extensions of YOUR soul. 

And as life continues to unfold, in ways we had never imagined it unfolding - I am blown way by your tenacity, your spirit, your drive to press on. 

I am so proud of you. I am so excited for your upcoming yoga adventures. I am thrilled at the life you are creating inside and outside of the yoga studio. On and off the mats you are a WARRIOR. 

You are a spectacular person!!!!! I was given a precious gift when I was granted you as a little sister. I love you forever and always!

To my little sister. Forever a fashion muse. Forever one of my best friends. 

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