The Kelly Beth Tote: My Signature Bag. Kelly Beth: My Best Friend Forever.

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on July 17 2014

Kelly Beth Parent, where do I even begin!? I can clear as day remember Paul's 21st birthday in Vegas, not knowing you at all, and as we were all packing up to head home, you turned to me and said "We should hang out when we get back home." 

Then a few days later we were raising money for Ryan's orphans and we started chatting. Fast forward 12 years later and the memories are rich, thick and incredibly sweet. 

The crazy escapades at Villas at Vista Verde. Dragging the boys to paint pottery with us. The off roading trips in my Jetta. The getting stuck in the bottom of a desert ditch. Brian having the bright idea to dig my Jetta out with a coffee can. Having to sit on the side of Scottsdale Road with you at 2 am waiting for Jonas, while Brian and Jason scaled an electrical tower shirtless. 

Walking into the kitchen to find Brian using our dishes to rinse dirt off the ants he had collected for his water ecology class. 

The very realistic baby doll Jason and I stuck into the trunk of your Infinity, the doll's feet sticking out of the trunk, unbeknownst to you, as you drove to ASU. 

The time we nestled the same baby doll (Chucky horror movie style) with a knife in its hand, amongst Jason's pillows. Only to have Jason retaliate by sticking the baby doll, knife in hand, in our kitchen cupboard. 

The gullibility contests Jason would pit against me and Brian. The time Jonas decided to eat an entire stick of butter and all of it ended up in my candy-cane-red highlights I had just gotten done. The sound of the X-box as the boys spent hours upon hours playing HALO and that silly snowboarding game. Hearing Jason rock out to punk music while pounding his desk with the drum sticks we gave him. The dance parties on the upstairs ledge. Getting sick and  throwing up down every single step of my two story condo. 

The coffee table Bob built for me. The Crate and Barrel table we replaced it with. The pure frustration at me from Bob! ;-)

Mickey's Hangover. Axis Radius. AZ 88. Franzia Boxed Wine. Einstein's. Egg timers, LSAT, MCAT and GRE prep courses. Coach bags and charm bracelets. Trips to Hawaii. New York City. San Francisco. 

We partied. We played. We traveled the world together. West Coast/East Coast we all dabbled at living with each other at some point in time. We became the best of friends and every single person I have met through you and Paul has deeply impacted my life. 

Mannequin Events. Beadle Box renovations. Soul Carrier branding, logos and sales reps. Self Improvement seminars. It all started with a boy named Paul and his now beautiful wife Kelly Beth Parent. 

I love you with all my heart Kelly Beth. And I am honored to name my signature bag after one of my very best friends. Our friendship has stood the test of time, geography and various stages of life.

Ukazu Forever! To friendships that mean the world to me. To living my dream and creating something I really believe in. 



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