Standing Firmly In What I Believe In

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on July 09 2014

I have come to realize it is time for me to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on what I stand for, what I believe in, and what I will and WILL NOT budge on regarding Soul Carrier. 

I wrote a manifesto a year ago and as I review it, I realize how important that I continue to ground in those beliefs on a daily basis. 


It is my goal that every Soul Carrier relationship, every transaction, every interaction is pure bliss and that both parties gain tremendously for having had this experience together.  If something is off, or no longer resonates with my soul, I can graciously change direction without needing to justify and validate. 


I believe that when the right people collaborate it is a shower of synergistic glitter. I believe that love is the bottom line and that profits are a by-product of our greater purpose and “why”. 


I won’t cut corners in order to increase margins. I believe in using the highest quality leather and materials. I believe in working with artisans, craftsman and other incredible vendors to create an impeccably made product. I believe in understanding where my products are made and taking the time to build long-lasting relationships with my vendors. I believe in being educated on what the production process consists of. I believe in being conscious to all aspects related to manufacturing. 


This may result in higher priced products. However, I will not cheapen my product just so I can appeal to a larger demographic of customers. I often hear, that if people are going to spend $300 for a bag, they are going to buy from a big brand like Michael Kors instead of an unknown business like Soul Carrier. That is fine, I believe in abundance versus scarcity and fear. I believe there is enough for everyone and competition isn’t a factor. I didn't pursue fashion, design or decide to build a brand like Soul Carrier in order to be cut-throat with Michael, Kate or Tory! We all can have our cake and eat it too! Those that are turned off by Soul Carrier's prices were never meant to buy my product in the first place. 


I believe in being authentic, honest, ethical and fair, every single time. 


I believe in building community. I believe in truly connecting. I believe in taking care of those that have chosen to come with me on this journey. I believe in building a network of people I genuinely-deeply care about. My team is more than just people who are here to help execute my greater vision and goals - they have become some of my favorite people to be around -- they are my soul friends + family. And I want nothing more than to see my team achieve their truest potential and dreams. 

This is what I believe! This is what I will firmly stand in!

To asking myself where I want being authentic to the journey it takes to get there. 


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