The Path

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on May 16 2014

While being filmed & interviewed this week, I was asked if I could give just one piece of advice to college students what would it be. I responded with “Be authentic to your own intuition.” You know what you want to do, where you want to go, and what your dreams and desires are. The challenge is overcoming the noise, and being strong enough to go for WHAT you want, and not what everyone else wants for you.

Over the years I have had so many people trying to show me what my path should look like. And now that I have interns and people looking to me for mentorship, I realize the gravity of doling out just any advice and wisdom.

We all have a purpose. A path. A journey that is all our own. We all have lessons to learn. We all have issues to prevail over. And these lessons and issues are uniquely ours to conquer. No one can conquer or learn them for us.

I honor the wisdom and sage advice of those that have gone before me. However, the lessons, successes and failures they experienced were solely theirs. I can gain insight, BUT my life still has to play out on its own stage.

As students and people reach out and ask for advice and want to know the secrets to creating something like Soul Carrier, I always pause and linger for several moments.

Observing business success can be rather intoxicating. Especially living in a society that is saturated with Bravo Reality Shows, instant fame and the idea that anyone can be a millionaire-sensation overnight.

I never set out to be an entrepreneur because it is trendy or glamorous. In fact, it is anything but that! People see the beautiful photo-shoots, the press, the over-flowing crew of interns, and the overall attention I am getting and they are mesmerized and they seem to long for a version of it for themselves.

But what the outside world doesn’t see are the years I put into this.

Four years in NYC, a degree from Parsons, collaborations, trekking through Mexico to find a manufacturer, the 20 trips to the fabric store to load up on material, the standing at a tradeshow for 10 hours straight and only having a few buyers even stop by my booth to look at my product, the red-eye flights to NYC for a two hour meeting and then turning around immediately to fly home, the headaches of teaming up with the wrong people, and the heartache when things didn’t go as planned.

I am far from complaining. Soul Carrier is my love, my purpose and the mark I want to leave on the world. I want to create and then inspire others through my creations. But none of the success, the attention, or recognition happened overnight. People want to know how I got to where I am today, and although my linear mind wants to lay it out in mental terms – the truth is that it took far more soul work and the commitment to be authentic, than just putting in the mental and physical hours.

I had to align with my soul and be bold enough to ignore the noise and follow my own path.

I wish I could say there was a magic formula or pill to swallow, but there is no quick fix when you are committed to being authentic and doing the deep rooted-soul work to find what lights you up and puts you in alignment with your highest truth.

When bringing to fruition your “WHY” or greater purpose there is no pre-determined route -- it is your path, and this path can only be carved by you! You have to listen to your own intuition. And you have to listen hard. You have to be able to answer where you want to go and then trust yourself -- even when the rest of the world is pressing for you to move in another direction.

The world is pretty insistent on selling us on how we should live our lives and the path we should be following. Society, authority figures, even our families and loved ones can be adamant about us following a specific route. But when you are loyal to your soul, a cut and dry/black and white curriculum that worked for someone else just isn’t going to make sense.

It is not our place or role to interrupt anyone’s journey. And yet, that is what happens when we act like we know BETTER, and have all the answers for how someone else should live their life. To judge another person for veering off in a direction that we have somehow deemed different than the ONE we THINK they should be following, is rather condescending.

If we put people into a box and expect that their path should unfold similar to ours, we are denying them a journey that is theirs and theirs alone!

I have experienced the stifling sensation that comes when someone is attached to what the outcome of my life should look like. Expectations, attachment to outcome and pressure for life to turn out in a very-specific way does not allow for the space and freedom to just let life unfold organically. And it most definitely does not allow for authenticity and the freedom to just BE.

I have found that life delivers something far more spectacular when I surrender to trying to control the outcome. It takes alot of faith and trust to let go of fear and doubt. But the path of faith and trust is the only path I am any longer willing to follow.

Can you be bold enough to follow through on your own path? Can you be loyal to your soul and let go of following a pre-set formula? Can you let go of wanting to swallow a magic pill and be willing to put in the work to making your AUTHENTIC wants and desires a reality?

And for all of us who want to save and correct when it appears someone is veering off path, can you trust that the "veering" is part of some greater lesson they have to master, and to let go of trying to make them live a life according to your rules and your perceptions for how life ought to unfold?

To the path that is all our own! To having the courage to be authentic! To being loyal to your soul above all else!



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