What I Stand For

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on April 28 2014

I decided that to lay the proper foundation for not only my life, but also for how I want to run Soul Carrier I needed to first figure out what my core values were going to be. And then to hold everything to that standard -- every situation, relationship, decision and choice would first need to be filtered through my core values.


Every circumstance that life brings me, I need to ask myself if I am operating out of faith and love, or behaving in fear and manipulation. If my intentions are tainted with fears and a desire to control life, then I need to come back to center and regain my balance.

Moreover, if a situation, relationship or decision does not set well with my soul, I can graciously change direction. Trusting in each moment gives me the freedom to change and evolve as life evolves. In the past, I felt like I was stuck & cemented once I had made a choice, and now I realize that being authentic means listening to my soul moment by moment and letting my intuition guide me versus a rigid attachment to the way things once were done. Furthermore, I also want to offer others the freedom and grace to change and evolve.

I have come to realize that when I am not being authentic, people perceive me in one way, and then as I peel back the layers and get to my “truth”, people are often confused & wonder where this “New Jenn” is coming from!? When in actuality, I am finally being the real me, but people often want to hold me to the fake standard I had set when I was not being authentic. Which is all the more reason I need to be true to my values and authenticity.


My core values:

  • Authenticity
  • Freedom to be 100% Me
  • Seeing people from a place of soul versus mental judgment
  • Compassion – knowing everyone has a story, issues to work through, and a personal journey that is all their own – therefore I should not judge because I have NO idea what is going on in that person’s head or heart, or where they are on their journey.
  • Empathy with grounded boundaries. I can have compassion for someone’s situation and truly love them, but the only actions and behaviors I am responsible for are my own. Everyone has their own journey, and it would be wrong to interrupt that journey in the name of saving and helping to prevent heartache and pain. The only person I can save/ fix is myself.
  • Always being the highest version of my truth even when others don’t approve, praise or validate me for it

And then I hope that by living this kind of life I can receive:

  • Clarity in all situations
  • Wisdom to make the right decisions
  • Peace whatever outcome life delivers me
  • Tranquility no matter what happens to me
  • The courage to always speak my truth
  • The confidence to be my authentic self


These are my core values. What are yours?

To living life from a place of soul. To forming your core values based upon your OWN intuition.


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