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Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on April 09 2014

Many of you know that in February I was in New York City for Fashion Week.  Leaving for New York, I thought the Rag and Bone, Prabul Gurung, and Diesel Gold fashion shows would leave me feeling ignited and inspired.  But for all the amazing shows, Anna Wintour run-ins, and Victoria Beckham speeches, it was an unexpected event that ended up sticking with me the most.

I had a last minute meeting scheduled with a fashion consultant (we can call him George).  I spoke about wanting to have an authentic connection with my customers, but when the topic of my parent’s death came up I received a response that stopped me for a minute.

“Ohh no, people don’t like sad stories, don’t focus too much on that part of your story. People only want to buy from happy brands…”

This statement would have previously stopped me in my tracks.  My whole life I’ve been a pleaser, auditioning for people’s approval and longing to fit in.

But two years ago that changed… I met Marion Light.  She introduced the concept of living an authentic life to me.  At the time, the thought of being able to be completely genuine and stand up for what I believed seemed like such an unfathomable concept, but it struck something in me and I set off on a path.

This path has been anything but easy.  It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, working through fears and feelings of unworthiness, opening up to vulnerability, and moving through some destructive relationships.

Leaving the meeting with George I felt ignited.  His statement reminded me of all the voices that used to paralyze me… voices telling me who I should be, where I should work, who I should marry, and overall, what my life should look like.

I reflected on the 21 year old version of myself who never worked through the sudden loss of both her parents because she was too busy putting on a happy show to ease the uncomfortableness of everyone around her because as George puts it, “people don’t like sad stories.”  I thought of my interns and how much pressure I see our society and people in their lives putting on them… filling their heads with so many opinions of who they should be.

Yes, fashion and design light up my soul, but my purpose is to use this love and this platform to inspire people.

I want to be a voice, a voice I wish I had in my life when I was scared to believe in my dreams.  A voice to encourage people to clear out all the noise and opinions of others and allow themselves to listen to what truly puts their soul in alignment because only your intuition can lead you to your fullest potential and peace.

We all have a purpose and we need to stop blocking and paralyzing each other with our opinions and fears and start allowing space for each other to experience the unique, authentic journey that we were put here to experience.

Yes, it has been a journey, but I feel a true peace and freedom that I have never felt before and with that I introduce to you the Authentic Change collection.  It is the first time in my life that I have felt like I am able to freely create.  It is my proclamation. It is me designing from my heart instead of my head.

There were so many voices like George’s in my life up to this point, telling me who I should be, what I should design, and how I should act.  I see these voices and pressures drowning out the intuition in the young people around me and this collection is meant to serve as an inspiration and reminder to find your stillness… find your voice… and have the courage to actually live it.

I want it to remind people that we all have “tragedy” in our lives.  By stifling and numbing these events we are missing the gifts in our struggles and blocking our greatness.

Reflecting on my story has taught me that everything can change in one instant…. truly… it can all change in one instant…

Life is too short to tip-toe around the person you are meant to be.  I am finally done tip toeing and I hope to inspire you to step into your path… the path you are meant for.

I know what it feels like to have a dream, but be scared to death that no one will support it when it comes to fruition.  I know what it feels like to feel ashamed of the tragedies in my life.  But I also now know what it feels like to break through those barriers and truly live and that is my hope to you.

With that I share with you my story, crafted by the incredible Kindra Hall, and the “Authentic Change” collection now available at, a medley of 5 styles that represent my soul’s true work, work that would not have been possible without every beautiful moment that has made me who I am.

Here is to asking yourself where you want to go. Here is to having the courage to pursue your journey to authenticity. Here is to doing what lights you up your soul.

This is me,

Jennifer Paige Boonlorn

“ You are not here to imitate. You are not here to follow along. You are here to delight in your potential. You are here to do the things only you can do.”

Soul Carrier Story from Soul Carrier on Vimeo.


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