Soul Changers: Standing on the shoulders of giants. The catalysts that shape our destiny.

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on March 13 2016

As I record the sales from yesterday's sample sale and map out my strategy for making sure production runs smoothly this week down in Leon - I can't help but think about the souls who had to come before me to make all this happen.



These souls have forever impacted my destiny. They paved the way for Soul Carrier and their contributions continue to have a ripple effect that shines incredibly bright upon my life. And I want to take the time to document my gratitude and acknowledgment of the soul print they have left. Now, I get why Oscar acceptance speeches are so exuberant - there are so many people to thank for getting you to the place of such success.


My father waking his way to the United States from Thailand to start a new  life. My mother who fully submerged my sister and I into art history and cultural literacy and who made it a point that we had art lessons every week — securing my love of art and design. My mother dragging Jaime and I to Scottsdale Fashion Square to pick out all her designer-handbags and compare the pore size on leather, probably played into my love of all things beautiful within the world of handbags.


My aunt Carol Scotti for making it a point to further expound upon my education and appreciation of art and design. She loved the arts and that love was gracefully transferred to her nieces. She made me believe I could do anything - and she was right.


Evonne Bowling for creating the fashion program at Mesa Community College. Evonne took a group of students to NYC to tour the Fashion Industry — I was smitten with NYC and fell in love with Parsons and it was GAME ON from the moment.


Tom Handley who taught the very first class I had the very first night I attended Parsons. Tom encouraged me to show my headband and hair barrette designs to the buyers at Henri Bendel. Henri Bendel bought my entire collection - it was a huge purchase order and they threw me a trunk show and placed all my designs on a mannequin that faced Fifth Avenue (THE fashion avenue in New York City). That purchase order sparked Jennifer Paige Designs the company that preceded Soul Carrier.


Cathy Jahnke for creating The Mannequin Is Our Muse event to celebrate the grand opening of Barneys at Scottsdale Fashion Square. This event brought architect and designer Bob Wilkinson and I together to collaborate on a mannequin that would spark the very first collection of Soul Carrier.


Paul Parent for pulling together a group of Arizona State University kids to socialize and hang out. We called ourselves the UKAZU crew. The guys from that group have become some of favorite Soul Carrier collaborators and best friends — Bob Wilkinson, Andy Brown, Cameron Donnell and four years of living with Brian Lutz while attending Parsons. And of course, Paul’s beautiful wife is the muse behind the Kelly Beth/Integrity Tote and one of my BFF’s. UKAZU forever ;-)


Patty Sapp for helping guide me and get my wholesale business in order. Being a guard dog and helping me filter for what is not currently a match for Soul Carrier.


These people have been catalysts in Soul Carrier’s formation and I am extremely appreciative of what they have brought to the table in helping me build this brand. There are a thousand other souls who have left their finger prints all over Soul Carrier and I am so thankful for their contribution as well, Marion Light, Kindra Hall, David Zimmerman, Chic Execs, Sarah Boumis, and all my interns. It truly takes a village and I have had some truly bright souls in mine.


We all make an impact everyday. Who are the soul changers in your life? Who do you need to thank for being a catalyst to your greatness? Who will you IMPACT and how will you contribute to someone else’s process?


To showing up and playing BIG. To knowing we are all in this together and our actions do MATTER.


Let’s illuminate the world from our souls!



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