A Soulful Year In Review

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on December 23 2013

As the year comes to a close I look back on 2013, and I breathe...so much has happened, and for all the great moments, there were also some really hard lessons to master and a lot of layers to peel back. People entered my circle, they exited my circle, there were a lot of warm "hello's" and a few icy "good-byes", there was the evolution of Soul Carrier and the addition of an awesome team to help me get this brand off the ground.

I started the year going to Bloomingdale's casting call for new designers in New York City. While walking around Bloomingdale's, I picked up my phone and called my neighbor David, who owns the branding agency The Family Vibe.  The Family Vibe does incredible work, but incredible work, costs money. I wanted David and Ryan to do to Soul Carrier what they did with the yoga brand Spiritual Gangster, but it would come at a hefty price. However, I decided this was going to be the year I was going to invest in ME. No one is going to believe in Soul Carrier, if I don't believe in it first; so I wrote a check to The Family Vibe and let them begin their magic. And magic is what they delivered. I got a killer new brand identity and the chance to have a professional photo-shoot with real models, professional makeup artists (love you Michael Franco) in a studio setting, along with a video that really made a splash!

Next came the trade-show season. I decided to give MAGIC one more whirl and then I had Bob build me the sickest wooden trade-show booth and custom crate for the Museum Gift Store Trade-show in LA.

Summer brought Sarah Boumis into my life -- now my Soul Carrier partner in crime and the girl helping me to further whip this business into shape.  Sarah was watching me put together a package to send my friend Florent in Hawaii. I really wanted to get Soul Carrier into Hawaii, and Flo told me he could help me do just that. And as I started to stress over pricing, delivery dates, and manufacturing issues, Sarah gracefully started to problem-solve. In that moment, I knew she was the person I needed to help take Soul Carrier to the next level. She continues to pour her soul into this project on an hourly basis and I am so appreciate of her and her amazing heart!

September brought a trip to Hawaii. What started as a quick trip to check out the boutique scene changed to a long stay at The Modern -- #vacationBliss! Flo showed me his coding skills, and by the end of the month he was ironing out all the technical kinks on SoulCarrier.com

By October Sarah and I were assembling a team of business and film interns. Enter Kacie, Ariana, Gabriella, Taylor, Tyler, Rosemary, Joardan, Shane, Leo and Matt. These students came into my business, my home, my life, and now, I can't imagine life without them. They filmed, they photographed, they researched, they worked! They came to the table with ideas and a willingness to show up at 6am and hustle!!! I absolutely adore each and every one of these students, and their belief in what I am doing brings me sheer joy. On more than one occasion I have gotten teary eyed reading their texts and emails. I love you team Soul Carrier!

November, Sarah, Leo and I took off for Mexico City and Leon. Ryan Hyland helped point us in the right direction and off we went to find our new manufacturer. Leo filmed the whole thing for my release video and for the Creating Soul Carrier web series. We pounded the pavement in Leon and met Caesar and his sister Maria -- the loving hands behind the production of the Journey Collection. Driving from Mexico City to Leon was rather painful - but we made it one piece and felt pretty confident that we survived the driving chaos.

The end of November brought a re-launch party at Maya Day and Night Club. That night alone, brought a tremendous amount of lessons and layers to peel back in my own personal and spiritual journey. But throw a sparkling party we did :-)) I am still working through the ripple effect of that night, and even in the moments where I felt like I had gotten really off track, I am realizing it is still all shaping, molding and pushing me to further evolve.

I want nothing more than to be aware of all my actions and to gain complete clarity so that I can live at a high level of consciousness. This year brought plenty of situations to be able to practice those very attributes. And even when I wanted to scream in frustration or annoyance at how life was unfolding; I am realizing it was all propelling me closer to getting myself in alignment with who I am meant to be. The painful lessons were a bridge - a gateway to a further enriched and vibrant life.

Life is a teeter-totter of yin and yang, light and dark, good and bad. One doesn't exist without the other in this world. And through all the "shadowy" moments, I got closer to my truth and to shedding light on what I DO and DON'T want -- what I will graciously put up with, and what I absolutely won't tolerate.

It's all a journey. It's all about getting in alignment with who you are on a core-soul level. It's all about becoming the highest-most-TRUE version of yourself.

Thank you Kelly Parent, Katie Ho, Jyll Harthun, Jaime Tischler, Sarah Bolger and Katie Lund for: the moments I had to call you from a trade-show over some "devasting news" only to now laugh over how I could be so heartbroken and disappointed, thank you for letting me curl up on your couch as we discuss our spiritual growth, thank you for making me spit out my water over the most ridiculous stories, thank you for being their unconditionally. I love you girls with all my heart. Thank you for being my support system and holding space for me.

2013 you were far from uneventful. Thank you for all you taught me. 2014 I am excited to see you unfold. To This Life's Journey!

Merry Christmas. Let's Make 2014 the most amazing part of the journey yet!!!!!

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