The Story of My Life

Jennifer Boonlorn

Posted on November 28 2013

I lost my voice

I lost my truth

I got caught up in something I am not

I blocked my soul - the one constant that needs to be the essence of all I do

I take full ownership

I want to get back to center

I want to inspire by having the courage to be who I was born to be

The lessons will keep coming

But this time I really want to absorb where I went off

Maybe I moved too fast. Was too zealous

Maybe I filtered away too much too soon

No judging, no wallowing, no sulking

Deep breathes. Re-alignment. A movement forward, not backward

I accept full responsibility

And I want to take back the reins

Life will never stop spinning

I just want to spin at the pace that is right for me

Re-ground. Re-group.Take back the life that is right for me and rightfully mine

To the ever evolving journey. To the one constant: soul


On this day of thanksgiving, I give thanks to all those who hold space for me

To all those who never judge, but gently nudge

To those who shed light, give clarity, and allow me to think out-loud without fear of doubt and criticism

To those who are unconditionally loving and supportive no matter what I do


To Soul & Figuring Out This So Called Life,




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